SCCM Dashboards

MECM/SCCM reporting Dashboards

Here you can find custom dashboard for SCCM clients details, Package Deployment Status, and Patches deployment status.

You have to install Report builder before start importing custom dashboard to your infra. 

Here is link to learn about the report builder.


Here is the Dashboard to tack you patch compliance against to deployment id or SUG and collection. 

With this dashboard you can  track the patch count and percentage.

  1. Installed software Updates.
  2. Missing Software update. 
  3. Not required updates.
  4. Machines with the unknown status.

With the another dashboard we can get the below details.

  1. Compliance machine count and percentage.
  2. Pending reboot machines.
  3. Unknown machines.
  4. other all types of error or status.

With this Dashboard you will get the package deployment status and Deployment status, Like how many machines received policy and then what is the status for those.

With this dashboard you will get below status for the client.

  1. SCCM Client Count(Yes\No).
  2. SCCM Client Active or Inactive status.
  3. Client Status (ActivePass\InactivePass).
  4. Hardware Inventory Status (Active\Inactive).
  5. Software Inventory Status (Active\Inactive).
  6. Last Evaluation Status (Active\Inactive).
  7. Client Versions details.
  8. Client Last reboot status.