SCCM Collection Creation Tool

    SCCM Collection Creation Tool will help  you to create collection without login to SCCM console. You need to copy tool on SCCM Server to run it. It will automatically detect the Site Code and Server.

Tool will perform below listed actions.

  1. Create New Collection with Include or exclude membership.
  2. Add machines to existing collection.
  3. Include or exclude collection membership with new or old collection.
  4. Create collection with Installed Software version.

You can download this tool from my GitHub.

Here is video to explain the tool. – SCCM Collection Creation Tool

Service Manager Tool

   Service Manager Tool will help you to check your machine service status and stop or restart the service remotely.

Toll will help you to manage services remotely.

1. Check Service Status.

2. Start Service.

3. Stop Services.

4. Restart Services.

5. Kill Process.

You can download this tool from my GitHub.