SCCM Videos

Here are videos that I have created to help you learn Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) step by step

  1. What is SCCM, Features and extends with other technology.
  2. MECM Tutorial 1- Lab Prerequisites – How to install Server in VMWare
  3. MECM Tutorial 2- Lab Prerequisites – How to Assign a IP address in Server for VM Ware
  4. MECM Tutorial 3- Lab Prerequisites – How to Install Active Directory in Server in VM Ware
  5. MECM Tutorial 4- Lab Prerequisites – How to Create Service account in Active Directory
  6. MECM Tutorial 5- Lab Prerequisites – How to Install MECM Pre-requisites.
  7. MECM Tutorial 6- How to install Microsoft SQL Database 2016
  8. MECM Tutorial 7- How to Install MECM
  9. MECM Tutorial 8- How to Install WSUS
  10. MECM Tutorial 9- How to Install Software Update Point
  11. MECM Tutorial 10- How to Install Reporting Service Point
  12. MECM Tutorial 11- How to Install Secondary Site
  13. MECM Tutorial 12- How to Install Management Point(Remote)
  14. MECM Tutorial 13- How to Install Distribution Point(Remote)
  15. MECM Tutorial 14- How to install Fallback Status Point
  16. MECM Tutorial 15- How to install SCCM Console on Remote server
  17. MECM Tutorial 16- Client Discovery Deep Dive | How to Discover clients in SCCM
  18. MECM Tutorial 17- How to Configure Boundary and Boundary Groups in MECM| Deep Dive
  19. MECM Tutorial 18- How to Install MECM Client on Domain and Workgroup machine | Deep Dive
  20. MECM Tutorial 19- How to Create User Group with Query Rule and Direct Membership
  21. MECM Tutorial 20- How to Create Device Collection with Query Rule and Direct Membership
  22. MECM Tutorial 21- How to Create Package, Program and Deployment | Deep Dive
  23. MECM Tutorial 22- How to Create and Deploy Application (.MSI format)
  24. MECM Tutorial 23- How to Use Supersedence Method in Application Deployment
  25. MECM Tutorial 24- How to Use Dependency Method in Application Deployment
  26. MECM Tutorial 25- How to Distribute a Package on Pre-staged DP
  27. MECM Tutorial 26- Basic Concept\Types about Software Update (Patches)
  28. MECM Tutorial 27- How to Synchronize Software Update (Patch) in MECM
  29. MECM Tutorial 28- Software Update (Patch) Icons Meaning in MECM
  30. MECM Tutorial 29- How to Deploy Software Update (Patch) in MECM
  31. MECM Tutorial 30- How to Create Automatic Deployment Rule in MECM
  32. MECM Tutorial 31- How to Install Pre-requisites for Operating System Deployment in MECM
  33. MECM Tutorial 32- How to Create Capture Media in MECM (OSD)
  34. MECM Tutorial 33- How to Capture Operating System(Wim file) in MECM for OSD
  35. MECM Tutorial 34- How to use DISM Command in MECM for OSD
  36. MECM Tutorial 35- Prerequisites required for OSD in MECCM
  37. MECM Tutorial 36- How to Create\Deploy Task Sequence on bare metal machine in MECM for OSD
  38. MECM Tutorial 37- How to create script and deploy on Collection
  39. MECM Tutorial 38- How to Define Security Roles and Scope in MECM
  40. MECM Tutorial 39- How to take MECM Backup
  41. MECM Tutorial 40- How to Setup Maintenance Task in MECM
  42. MECM Tutorial 41- MECM Site and Component Status
  43. MECM Tutorial 42- How to use CM Pivot in MECM
  44. MECM Tutorial 43- How to Install Report Builder in MECM Server
  45. MECM Tutorial 44- MECM Dashboard for Client Version and Health Status
  46. MECM Tutorial 45- MECM Dashboard for Package Deployment Status
  47. MECM Tutorial 46- MECM Dashboard for Software Update(Patches) Deployment Status
  48. MECM Tutorial 47- How to Upgrade Boot Image and Windows ADK in MECM
  49. MECM Tutorial 48- How to Troubleshoot Windows Update and Servicing Grayed Out
  50. MECM Tutorial 49- How to Upgrade MECM Console ( Deep Dive for Update and Servicing)
  51. MECM Tutorial 50- How to Disable Package Deployment
  52. MECM Tutorial 51- How to Retire an Application
  53. MECM Tutorial 52- How to Create Configuration Items and Baselines in MECM